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Round is decentralized eSports gaming platform

Round is a project of decentralized eSports gaming platform. The platform allows its participants or a group of participants to compete between each other for money in such popular online games as League of Legends, Dota 2 or Counter-Strike, etc.

Discover the future of eSports betting

Round project aims at joining the competitive environment of cybersports platforms by virtue of unique opportunities it offers. Overall, cybersports is an actively developing sector comprising millions of users competing in online games. Round represents the combination of elements of gambling (playing for money) and competition element. Similar pattern in observed in a poker game.


Based on Ethereum and being same as Firstblood

Based on Ethereum and being same as Firstblood such platform completely eliminates the dependence on third parties in determining the winner and paying the award in cybersports. The results will be processed quickly and securely.An interesting feature here is that the audience can bet on the outcome of games. Moreover, part of their bets will go to winner’s prize pool.

An interesting feature here is that the audience can bet on the outcome of games. Moreover, part of their bets will go to winner’s prize pool. Therefore, popular and prominent cybersports gamers can get extra reward from attracting attention to their game and audience can bet on the victory of their favorite player. In this case Round platform gets viral promotion effect. The project monetisation - fees.


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Decentralized eSports Platform


Round introduces the next generation of sports betting - where anyone can become a bookie. There is are no central servers where betting takes place - but rather all bets are made over the peer-to-peer network. With Round, you can wager on sporting events from anywhere in the world without restrictions, and all payouts are guaranteed by the blockchain. Server-side game hosting is still a trusted and proven model in the eSports industry, and has seen explosive growth in the past 5 years. Round will supports optional server-side hosting of games while offering a variety of tools for business enhancement. For example, simply connecting to Round through the API allows anyone to utilize the decentralized network for processing of wagers and jackpots while continuing to operate an independent website. Rounds’ customizable tournament management smart contract lets any game publisher, advertiser, tournament host or vendor create their own tournament structures, fee schedules, and wager collection & distribution methods for any off-chain (server hosted) game in the world.


Traditional online businesses with a centralized structure are subject to hacking, strict financial regulations, and onerous overhead costs. P2P decentralization allows skill based competition without reliance on payment processors, reduces regulatory burdens, and protects against organizational corruption such as fraud and embezzlement. Each match outcome will be automatically verified by data obtained directly from game servers using a custom oracle. Payouts will be rewarded to the winner based on the data from the gaming server. This will eliminate the risk of fraud reporting that is rampant on similar platforms.


A third of fans don’t just want to watch eSports, they also want to compete. On average, eSports fans compete in four live tournaments every six months. This can be inconvenient for frequent competitors. Likewise, nearly half of eSports enthusiasts bet on sports matches every week. They would like to be able to compete online through a trusted operator. Currently, there are only flawed solutions to the problem. Round’s decentralized online platform will provide an environment for gamers to compete without the problems associated with the current market offerings.


The global eSports market is growing prodigiously, with an expected compound annual growth rate (“CAGR”) of 37%. By 2018, the eSports market is expected to generate $1.92B in global revenue. Based on these figures, a market capture of merely 0.5% would produce an estimated $70+ millions in platform volume for Round by 2018 just from competitive matchmaking.